Yes another truck.
I drove a portion of the last stage at a recent G6 with a GCM rep and was amazed at how well his class 1 looking truck did on the rougher stuff. I picked one (well one and a half) in a trade deal I could pass on.
So here it is as it sits after some modifications to make it my own:
GCM Skeleton J2 chassis- forward mount motor and transfer case
GCM Terramod axles with XR knuckle version OD gears front, UD gears rear, CVD's
Dinky rear cantilever suspension
RC4WD King shocks up front
China 2dr JK hardbody
FXR ESC with Tekin 35t motor
Stainless sliders
RC4WD metal bumpers
Tube doors
Roll bar setup made by others, that will be coming off, but for now it stays
VP OMF wheels with PB Rock Beasts
This is how I got it with 1.55 Growlers on Gearhead slot mags

This is starting to become mine

Tube doors made last weekend

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