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Tricycle restoration (son's Christmas present)
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Thread: Tricycle restoration (son's Christmas present)

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    Tricycle restoration (son's Christmas present)

    Well as if i didn't have enough on my plate lately, A few weeks ago i stumbled across a vintage late 50's Evans Tricycle at the local antique store for $45.

    At first i was just going to leave it the way it was and just fix the loose and broken stuff but once i tore it down, i found some issues that made me decide to fix it up. i hesitate to use the word "restoration" as i have no intention of making it original, just nice.

    To start, i tore the whole thing down

    Once i did, the first issue i found was the fork. it was cracked. I was happy i decided to check everything

    The seat was next. The cover was ratty, i could see rust from the bottom and most important, my son has a bony but so a padded seat is a must.

    once i stripped off the cloth and old padding, the under pan was rusty but not to bad

    The rear wheels were another issue. the tires had become hard and there were ribs that had started to break off. i have a plan for that later.

    Then it was a trip to the blasting cabinet

    for the rear wheels i took an angle grinder to them, then a DA sander to smooth off the grinding marks. later i may add white walls but i'll see how i feel.

    The front fender took some work but i got it strait and clean

    then the fork got cleaned

    and welded shut

    another thing i noticed when it was blasted, was that at some time in the past the spokes broke off the front wheel and they were welded back on. since they seem to be secure and strait, i'm not going to mess with them.

    the foot pad on the rear of the frame came out real nice as well. i was concerned because it was really rusty.

    the seat pans and frame came out pretty good as well

    Now it was time to fix it up. My dad is really good at tinkering with things and polished the handlebars up and straitened the grips out.

    then he tore the bell apart, got it working, cleaned it and polished it up.

    in the mean time i began painting the small parts starting with the seat pan

    and now the first custom touch. i always wanted to try my hand at making tuck-n-roll upholstery so i got some white vinyl and ,using the seat pan, cut and sown a new seat cover with padding

    then I attached it to the freshly painted frame

    then i took the name plate, which was in excellent shape, and stripped the paint off the inside and cleaned it up

    then applied a fresh coat of paint on the inside.

    now it was time for paint. I chose candy red with a silver base. i didn't have any automotive paint so i used Rust-Oleum silver and Krylon X-metals red

    the flake shows through real nice

    and, with the suggestion from my wife, i added some silver scallops.

    finally i touched up all the little parts and everything was ready.

    And finally here it is all assembled. didn't turn out to bad if you ask me.

    and here he is testing out his new ride this morning.

    He has a bit of growing to do but he loves it just the same.

    Merry Christmas!

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    That is pretty awesome! Great job, and I would definitely call that a restoration.


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    That is awesome, very nice work

    Why do I care where Waldo is?


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    Dude that is awesome!! Great work on this. I hope he likes the tric and I hope he takes care of it! Hand made/fixed gifts are always cool.
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