Scale Off Road RC Association
Class 3
2012 Official Scale Rock Crawling Competition Rules
EPARCCrawlers Version

This rulebook is intended to standardize scale off road RC competitions that are held at various locations throughout the world. The intention is for all clubs/events to use these rules as written; however, they may be modified on a local basis. Any and all changes made to these rules at a SORRCA sanctioned event must be covered in a preliminary drivers meeting and publicly posted before the event.

Class-3 “Modified”
• Description - An off-road vehicle that you would build from the ground up and might see in a TTC/KOH type competition.

Class-3 “Modified” Details: • 146mm / 5.75" max tire size with a 2.2 max rim size (including spare).
• A bumper is not required, but to be counted for points it must be mounted to the vehicle's chassis and wider than the chassis rails (chassis cross rails do not count as bumpers).
• Gates will be a minimum of 13" wide.
• All bodies (including tubers) must measure a minimum of five inches wide from front to rear of door, measure a minimum of 4.5 inches tall as measured from the skid to the tallest point on the body (including light bars), and must be at least as long as the vehicle's wheelbase.
• Body modifications including, but not limited to, pinched front, dove-tailing and boat-siding are permitted as long as the final dimensions comply with the minimum size rules.

General Vehicle Details:
• You are encouraged to go above and beyond to make your truck as scale as possible.
• Vehicles must resemble a real 1:1 rig. It will be up to the collective group to vote on whether a questionable rig is accepted or not.
• Tire size will be determined by advertised manufacturer specs (tires without available specs will be measured off the truck as mounted on the wheel laid flat).
•Tire modification:
Class-3 Modified. Tire reduction and narrowing is permitted, as well as all modifications listed above.
• You must run a rail chassis (for example: Bruiser/Mountaineer, SCX-10, Reign RC K2-3S, 3L, 4, 5, MFM, X-Trail, CR-01, UTE, etc...) No TVP (twin vertical plate) chassis' or frame rail extensions on a TVPs. The exception to this rule is the Tamiya CC-01 or TA-02 ,(Hummer, S-10, Ford F-150 and Toyota Hilux)and Modified class Tubers.
• 4-wheel steering or dig is allowed in modified class only (you must choose 1 per course).
• No "Motor On Axle" (MOA) of any kind. All motors, transmissions, and other electronics (other than steering servos) must be chassis or frame mounted. Your axles must be driven by one transmission or transfer case and a minimum of two driveshafts (except CC-01, TA-02, etc) No separate throttle control of drive shafts or axles.
• There are no wheel size distinctions. For example, you can run a 1.55, 1.9, 2.0 or 2.2 rim in any class. Wheels larger than 2.2 are not allowed in any class and no short course style wheels with split diameters.
• Spare tires must be within 1/4" diameter of your drive tires to receive points.
• Any functional recovery tools you wish to use during your run, you must carry it on your rig at all times. IE tow strap, pull pal, and sand ladders.
• Winching can only be performed off of natural objects (i.e. trees, rocks, etc...), other vehicles, or stakes supplied by the course builder. Winching off of a person such as their shoe or hand is not allowed.
• All vehicles should have the motor, transmission, and electronics covered and hidden when viewed from the top and sides. Batteries must be chassis mounted and should be hidden from view.
• Courses will be tough and made to push the scale vehicle's limits. This is to encourage competitors to improve their rigs from one event to another.
• Winches are HIGHLY recommended!!!!! Expect to use a winch.
• Water proofing is HIGHLY recommended!!!!! Expect your rig to get wet.

Tire Ban List:
• Losi Claws (all sizes, and types)
• Hot Bodies Rovers (all sizes)
• Hot Bodies Sedonas
• HPI Rock Grabbers
• Panther Cougars
• Panther Leopards
• Pro-Line Chisels (all sizes)
• RC4WD Rocklin
• RC4WD X-Locks (all sizes)
• RC4WD Crazy Crawlers
• Imex Skulls and Bones
• Losi Bashers

Tires should be scale appearing, if it is questionable have it reviewed before the event, or plan to run a different tire. As new competition specific tires are released this list may be updated.
Scale Points:
Scale points are to be awarded at 50% of a vehicles total value (rounded down if necessary) for an average 10 gate course. Minimum/Maximum values are to be determined by the event organizers or local clubs. Scale points will be applied to a DNF but not to a DNS. *No items can be counted more than once unless noted otherwise*

• Tube Bed or Flatbed: metal -3, plastic -1
• Bed Mounted Headache Rack or Roll Bar: metal -2 plastic -1
• Truggy/Back Halved Truck: metal -4, plastic -2
(Must replace the ladder frame behind the cab with tube, and must extend past the rear axle pumpkin to be legal. The bed must have a roll bar hoop and integrated shock mounts. It also must be a structural part of the rear of the vehicle. (If your bed does not meet ALL of the preceding criteria, it does not count as a truggy bed).Tube bed, roll bar, shock mount points not available in addition to truggy bed points.
• Tuber: metal -8, plastic -4
A tuber consists of a complete body structure where the front, cab, and rear sections are comprised entirely of structural tubework. Tube bed, roll bar, internal cage, and shock mounts points not available in addition to tuber points.
• Rigid body panels: metal/plastic -1
• Interior cage or exo-cage: metal -3 plastic -1
Per row of seats or area where seats would be (vehicle doesn't need an interior to get these points). Cage must have down bars and cross bars in front and behind each row. Not available to tubers.
• Tube Sliders (both sides): metal -3, plastic -1
• Tube Fenders (per pair): metal -1
• Integrated Tube Shock Mounts (per pair): metal -1
• Hard body: full -8, cab -4
• Bed Detail: drop bed -3
• Complete Custom Built Body: full -4, cab -2
(metal or hard plastic, no lexan added in addition to hard body points)
• Fender Wells (per pair): inner -1
• Bumpers (each): metal -3, plastic -1
(must be chassis mounted and separate from the body)
• Stinger/Grill Guard: metal/plastic -1
• Exterior Roof Rack: metal: -2, plastic -1
• Exterior Roof Top Light Bar : metal/plastic -1
(may only choose roof rack or light bar, not both)
• 3D interior: 1 seat -3, 2 seat (or bench) -4, 4 seat -5
(any 3D interior must include seat, dash, steering wheel and floor).
• 3D SUV Cargo Area: full detail -1
• 2D/Half Interior: 1 seat -1, 2 seat -2, 4 seat -3.
• Realistic Scale Human Figures: full (knees up) -3, part -2 (torso up)
(Points awarded for up to 2 figures, and only if accompanied by an interior)
• Leaf Springs: front/rear -3, both -7
• Multiple Axles: 3 driven axles -3, 4 (or more) driven axles -5
• Chassis Mounted Steering Servo: front -5, rear -2
(rear steer for Class 3 only)
• Transfer Case: functional -4.
• 3D engine: -4
• Realistic exterior items (max -6 pts): item -1
(Items that are non-functional but you would see on a trail truck. Below is a list of common items, but does not include all potential scale items that can be used.)
- Fuel cell
- exhaust
- jerry can
- hubs (on all wheels)
- steering stabilizer
- disc/drum brakes (on all wheels)
- mirrors (2)
- wipers (2)
- antenna
- license plate
- fire extinguisher
- trail tools (Hi-lift jack, etc.)
- first aid
- etc.
• Functional items (max -8 pts): item -1
(Below is a list of common items, but does not include all potential functional items that can be used.)
- Tow Strap
- D-ring
- Pull Pal
- Sand Ladder
- Hitch
- Opening Doors
- Opening Hood
- Spare Tire Mount
- etc.
• Headlights (2) and taillights(2): functioning-2
• Functioning Winch: front -2, rear -2 (max -4 points)
• Spare Tire: full size -3