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Class 3 Yota scaler (another comp truck rebuild)
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Thread: Class 3 Yota scaler (another comp truck rebuild)

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    Class 3 Yota scaler (another comp truck rebuild)

    I was waiting for part for Dez's truck and with the scale comp coming up I decided to convert my sportsman to a class 3 scaler. I just fits within the rules for dimensions but there was some things i needed to changes to make it completely legal.

    The original build is on the last page of my original comp truck thread http://www.rccrawler.com/forum/axial...p-tuber-6.html

    First i had to figure out if i could get an interior to fit over the tranny. I didn't have a place for the tranny under the hood or the T-case to gain more room anyways so i had to work with what i have.

    Happy with the results i moved on to the other item to comply with the rules which was to get the battery off the suspension.

    I decided to keep the battery in the same spot so i made a simple tray to hold it to the chassis

    Next i needed to do something with the electronics tray. If you look in the first pic you will see it behind the cab. I tried to think of some way to cover it and look like something on a real truck, fuel cell, tool box etc. but nothing looked right and fit everything in so i decided to ditch the tray altogether but that left the tabs in the chassis. Since i needed a place to hold some scale accessories, i decided to build a rack.

    I started with the electronics plate for a template and cut out some screen

    then i folded the ends over

    then folded the sides up

    It fits pretty good

    With that sorted, i finished up the interior floor

    I'll add seats and details later.

    then it was time to find a place for all the electronics which ended up being the battery tray. i was a tight fit but i got it all in place.

    Finally it was time for new skins

    and wanting something different and bright i went with key-lime green

    I also made a dash to completely conceal the wires.

    It looks pretty bare out back now. Later i may add a fuel cell and some lights.

    a shot of the belly

    and the obligatory flex shot.

    It's not done of course but it's ready for the comp this weekend. I'm anxious to see how it works!

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    Well it's been almost a year of abuse and it's time to rebuild the truck.

    With the upcoming comp in august i needed something more TTC than just class 3. among other things, i wanted it to be wider. i'm hoping to acquire some Wraith axles but i haven't found a set i could afford yet. i did get a set of Wheely king axles for cheap so i'll be using them for mock-up but first i had the tear it down

    Here it was after the past year took it's tole and i stole the tranny for another project

    first to go were the axles. The axles i had on this truck were the first set of AX10 axles i bought when i got in to the rock crawling hobby in 2006 so they are looking pretty worn but amazingly they work great and believe it or not still sporting all the original equipment with the exception of the steering knuckles.

    then i de-skinned it

    Stripped the electronics and mocked it up with the WK axles

    Then it was time for choppin!

    The rest of the bits were stripped

    I always hated how the lower skid hung below the boat sides so off it came

    then the bottom of the chassis met the same fate

    then i cleaned up the boat side and did a test fit

    happy i turned my attention to the new tranny layout.

    I dropped the dash back in for reference

    This is what i would like to do but it still puts the motor in the interior and there really is not enough room between the rails

    Then i dropped a Drill tranny i had in to see the posibilities but with it there is no room for the steering servo and winch i want to add.

    So i'm still pondering the drivetrain but at least i have a start.

    More later

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