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Thread: Prometeus movie review (warning-spoilers)

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    Prometeus movie review (warning-spoilers)

    Prometheus, that is.

    So I am a big fan of the Alien movie franchise. I've seen them all, many times, including the AvP movies. This movie takes place before the first Alien film, in Earth year 2089. Ridley Scott, Director of both this film and the original 1979 Alien, has said over and over that this is not a prequil to the original, but any fan will see in the Prometheus trailers that the "Alien" spaceship and "SpaceJockey" pilot are both featured, so we are obviously led to believe that this is indeed, a prequil of some sort. The biggest, possibly ONLY questions left by the first movie were 1) What was that weird spaceship doing there 2) why did it have all those Alien eggs in the hull 3) Why/how did the pilot (spacejockey) get infected/killed, and what happened next? This movie looks to answer those questions.

    Get ready to be dissapointed.

    Promethius is a very good movie, very well made and stunning. especially in 3D. It shows (proposes) the beginning of human life on earth, and then takes us to the planet(oid) where Alien kicks off. We find out about the Spacejockeys, now known as The Engineers. Why they were there, what they were doing. There are ZERO "Aliens", or Xenomorphs, as we know them, in this film. There are some weird creatures, and actually a proto-alien in the last 2 minutes of the film, but it's not quite the alien as we know it.

    I Really enjoyed the film up untill the last ten minutes or so. It was a good movie unto itself, but all seemed to lead up to the beginning of the Alien movie franchise. But in the last 10 or 12 dramatic minutes, it all falls horribly wrong.


    The beginning of the Orig. 1979 Alien film finds a crashed spaceship with a hull full of Alien eggs, and a giant pilot whose chest has exploded out the side, still in his pilot's seat. At the end of Prometheus this pilot gets in the chair, and takes off (towards Earth), but is crashed by our human movie stars. Note, there are NO alien eggs on board. The pilot then leaves the ship, is attacked and impregnated by a gay-looking giant pink squid, and minutes later splits open like a taco and an almost-alien comes out. That's it. The end. Wwwwhhhhhaaaaa?????? The movie totally worked as a prequil, then flew off the rails at the very end. If it had had the pilot crawl back to the ship after getting impregnated, and dying in his chair, it woulda worked. If it had shown the small alien-esque creature running to the ship and laying eggs, it "might have" sorta worked. But after waiting 33 years for this film, I want to kick Ridley Scott in his geriatric nutts. It's lame.

    I saw this film 3 weeks ago and am still mad.

    2 outta 5 stars.
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    Great write-up. I saw the movie and felt the same. Graphics were great! But it did fall short at the end.

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