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Micro Mod List For Comp Rigs
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Thread: Micro Mod List For Comp Rigs

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    Micro Mod List For Comp Rigs

    I started to type this up for Jslick. Dirty and Marzzz23 asked me to post it. So here it is. This is a list of 'Must Have', 'Good Upgrade' and "ooh, look what i have"... Its not a complete list. This is the stuff i have seen that might catch one's eye. i've had a micro since they first came out, so i have seen these items tested and have seen the reviews and opinions on them. Figured this might save some of you leg work...Also, this is not the word of god, so dont take it like it is... if ya want me to add something or think a part i mention is good/bad and you dont agree, dont hesitate to say so...

    here we go

    1. RC4WD rims. i would steer away from the beadlocks. i heard they are a PITA to assemble. I also think they have stopped making the steelies. though, these were not bealdocks

    2. BWD beadlocks aluminum. i've heard good things about these.. www.billet-works.com/bwd_product_videos

    3. Hot Racing aluminum beadlocks. heard good things about these too.. these can be had on ebay cheaper. but this site will show ya all the colors i think. http://thetoyz.com/Losi/MICRO-ROCK-C...-Racing/13488/

    1. MiClaws from the mini-qlo. these should fit all the above rims. Hands down the best for a comper. They are the biggest, stickiest, and have the best lug pattern. They are around 2.4" in diameter. these are out of stock where i purchased them, which was rcmart.com (do a search for "mini-qlo" on their site) i paid $28.00 shipped for a set. then there is ebay (which as of now has none listed), or rctrax.com http://www.rctrax.com/shop.aspx?kind=100 it looks i like they have them in stock, but it looks like it 40 or so shipped for a set.

    2. RC4WD Tires. I had a set of the rocks crushers. They suck...so forget about those. I also had a set of Boggers. They were pretty good. I think RC4WD has another set of Interco tires. might have to look on that one..

    Now, you may come across tires on ebay. Colorful ones.. steer clear of these. They are urathane. They are also a solid tire. They suck. No reputable dealer carries these. One way to spot these, the seller will say "due to the mold, one side of the tire will have imperfections". That's a dead give away of a urathane tire.

    1) Hot racing aluminum tranny case. this is worth the money. i just put this in mine and like it a lot. if your tranny is wobbly then this is a must have. http://thetoyz.com/Losi/MICRO-ROCK-C...-Racing/12863/

    2)Hot Racing Aluminum Spur Gear. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1-24-Micro-C...#ht_1988wt_952 These come in 52, 53, 54, 55, and 56 tooth. again, if ya got a wobbly tranny, a must have upgrade. tranny was still a little wobbly with stock spur on mine. this made it smooth as butter

    1. Hot Racing Aluminum Damper shocks. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Losi-Micro-C...d#ht_759wt_952 never heard anything good about these.

    2) Sumo Shocks.. these may be an option, but you would need them in hand to be sure. not sure where to get them either..

    i run mine at a forced semi droop, with 2 or 3 coils of the spring wrapped around the top and bottom shock caps.


    1) hitec hs65. http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Hitec-HS...ht_2027wt_1185 seems to be what everyone uses.

    2) hitec hs55 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Hitec-Ultra-...#ht_2421wt_952 i have used these. these are good.

    3) Power HD 1810MG Metal Gear Digital Micro Servo http://www.valuehobby.com/radio-syst...ini-servo.html i just found this the other day, looks awesome.


    1. Bwd Wedge

    2. CrawlerX (TMC, TMC Buggy, RidgeBack, Renegade) the nice thing about these chassis is that, with a little creativity, they can be used with the sumo and qlo rigs.

    3. The 'Pinch" by Sven on RCC, not sure if he makes these anymore

    4. DP Torsion chassis this can be had form ebay or thetoyz.com i had this chassis and it's awesome. NOTE. with this chasis, you can not extend the wheel base. If you want to extend, get the trekker version. its a little longer

    5. Make your own, like Rich did. http://www.eparccrawlers.com/forums/...ns-micro-juice

    For scale chassis seems like CrawlerX is the place to go..

    Wheel Wideners

    1. Bwd i've never used them. but have heard good things about them. pushes your OVERALL width about 6 mm, or .236" out

    2. CrawlerX i have used these. i got a bad set. but, i told courtney at about it, and sent her some measurements of the problem. told me she checked her setup on the machine and it was and her center was out. offered me a new set when they were done,but i opted to make my own. so gave me a refund, they are real cool people their. anyway, everyone seems to like these as well. these are delrin though. pushes OVERALL width out about 1/4''.

    i use the stock rims cuz i can use the danally method of widening. pushes it out nice and far. i used this with both boggers and miclaws, and both performed great. MUCH better than stock and the above mentioned wideners. also, if using miclaws this is a must have to clear the upper links..

    There are two different Danally Mods (pushes OVERALL width about 1/2'')
    The widest is here

    Here's his new method. This is a little narrower (not sure of OVERALL width)

    Another mod that can be done is narrowing the wheels, thought up by EPARCC member Dirty. Here is Dirty's method of narrowing.


    These 180mah packs are good. they are a little smaller height wise than the 350's. The 350's sometime inhibit rear articulation on my chassis as the rear braces hangs over the battery a little bit




    If your making your own, which to stretch the wheel base, you need to. you will need..

    1. 2-56 thread rod. http://www.mcmaster.com/#98790a003/=eq0vri

    2. Losi Micro-T rod Ends.http://www.ebay.com/itm/LOSB1049-Los...#ht_1418wt_952 Get 2 packs of these.

    3) aluminum tubing. i use K&S Engineering tubing. It comes in packs of three. I get it at AC Moore. It 5/32 x .014. Stock# 5013 some use a smaller size, but i like this size. fits real good

    When making your own links, you will need to extend the drive shafts. This can be done with a piece of aluminum tubing, a bic pen, or anything that is hollow and has a 6mm (.236") inner diameter. OR, if you are planning on going with a 5" wheel base, you can just use Trekker drive shafts. They are longer than the micro crawler drive shafts.

    Or you can buy the link/drive shaft extender kit from CrawlerX. This is a KIT. you will still need to cut everything to length and buy rod ends..

    thats about it, but heres some more "oohh, look what i have items"

    1. Aluminum drag link http://www.ebay.com/itm/Losi-Micro-R...item23139bd229

    2. Aluminum Gear Cover http://www.ebay.com/itm/Losi-Micro-R...item5d2e39625e

    3. Aluminum Skid http://www.ebay.com/itm/Losi-Aluminu...item5199b63f3e

    4. Aluminum Knuckles http://www.ebay.com/itm/Losi-Aluminu...item5199b60f2b i've heard the hardware like to fall out of these

    5. Aluminum rear lockout. cant find a link on this one. its hot racing. but, again, i've heard the hardware like to fall out

    I only mod what is needed. if it fails, or just does not perform good, i upgrade. the above items are not really needed. There just inst enough force on these lil guys to break the knuckles, or drag link, ect...
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    Stickied for easy access. Great list rik.

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    Awesome, thanks. Now I can get building.
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