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Eastern PA RC Rock Crawlers - JSLICK
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    by Published on 04-05-2015 05:43 PM

    Anyone wishing to be a member please go to the following link at the bottom and contact the Admin. so we know that you wish to become part of this online RC Scale and Rock Crawling forum.This way we will be able to approve you quicker. New users will have to have their first several posts moderated so please be patient. When you have a chance, please go to the introduction section and say hello to the club and a little info about what trucks you have. Also if your login is rejected please cotact me on the site.

    Thanks, John

    by Published on 03-10-2015 07:04 PM


    It is vitally important that as a club we maintain high standards for ourselves as individuals and as a group.

    Therefore all members involved in the club shall commit themselves to upholding these necessary standards.
    Being a member of the club automatically makes you accountable to all the information below.

    • Play Fair
    Winning is without value if victory has been achieved unfairly or dishonestly.
    Remember: It's only a game. And games are pointless unless played fairly.

    • Observe the Rules of the Competition.
    All competitions need rules to guide them. The rules of EPARCC, USRCCA and SORCCA are simple and easy to learn. Make an effort to learn them, so you can understand them better. This makes you a better driver. It is just as important to understand the spirit of the rules. They are designed to make the event fun to drive and watch. By sticking to the rules, you will enjoy the comp more.

    • Respect Opponents, Team-mates, Judges, Officials and Spectators.
    Fair Play means respect. Without opponents there can be no competition. They have the same rights as you have, including the right to be respected. Your fellow drivers are your peers and colleagues. You form a group in which all members are equal. Judges are there to maintain discipline and Fair Play. Always accept their decisions without arguing, and help them to help you enjoy the event more. Judges are also part of the event and must be respected accordingly. Spectators give the competition atmosphere. They want to see the event driven fairly.

    • Accept Defeat with Dignity.
    Nobody wins all the time. Don't seek excuses for defeat. Congratulate the winners with good grace. Don't blame the judge or anyone else. Have determination to do better next time. Good losers earn more respect than bad winners.

    We as representatives of the club promise to:
    • abide by the rules and policies of whatever event we participate in.
    • Not act in any way to bring the club into disrepute.
    • Not use or tolerate excessive inappropriate language
    • Remain open, honest and approachable at all times.

    Drivers Code of Conduct

    I agree:
    • To drive to the best of my ability, at all times.
    • Respect the Judges, organizers, other drivers and myself and treat them, as I would want to be treated.
    • I will not swear at, criticize or taunt my team-mates or others, or behave in a manner that would discredit myself or embarrass my club.
    • I will accept the decisions made the Judges, Event Organizer, Club President and Vice President without confrontation.
    • I will ask any questions I have in a calm and reasonable manner.
    • I will never bully or attempt to bully anyone.
    • To always put the Club before my own personal wants in terms of competition.
    • Not openly criticize any Driver, Judge or Club Executive at any time in open forum.
    • I will address any questions or concerns I have in a civil calm manner in private on a one to one basis.

    Any Driver found to be in breach of the code of conduct at any time will face disciplinary actions on a club level by the Administrative Committee.

    Disciplinary Steps

    First step: Verbal warning

    Second step: Given a score of +150 for the day, this score may not be dropped at the end of the season.

    Third step: Driver scores are nullified for the season and they will lose any and ALL privileges to represent themselves and the club on a national level.

    See USRCCA rules Section 3 (3.13) Section 8 (8.1-8.3)

    This is a living document and is able to changes as needed.
    by Published on 03-01-2015 09:02 PM

    EPARCC 2015 Calendar

    There are several other events that have not been scheduled yet. When the dates are made available they will be posted.

    Blue/Comp Crawler
    Red/Club Event
    Yellow/National Event
    White/Fun Run

    Saturday 4/4 Otts Night Trail Run
    Sunday 4/12 Comp Crawler, St. Peters
    Friday, Saturday 4/24, 4/25 Werock Club Camping Weekend

    Saturday 5/2 Otts Night Trail Run
    Saturday 5/9 Otts Scale Comp
    Friday-Sunday 5/15-5/17 ECC in Alabama
    Friday, Saturday 5/22, 5/23 RCrocs1 (2.2Pro, Class2)


    Friday, Saturday 6/5-6/6 RECON G6 Rausch Creek ORP
    Saturday 6/6 Otts Night Trail Run
    Saturday 6/13 Scale Comp, Palmerton
    Sunday 6/28 Comp Crawler, Palmerton

    Saturday 7/4 Otts Night Trail Run
    Friday-Sunday 7/10-7/12 Northeast National Championship, Rausch Creek ORP
    Friday, Saturday 7/24-7/25 RCrocs2 (2.2S, Class2)

    Saturday 8/1 Otts Night Trail Run
    Saturday 8/15 Otts Scale Comp
    Friday-Sunday 8/28-8/30 East Coast Scale Challenge
    Sunday 8/30 Comp Crawler, Ringing Rocks

    Saturday 9/5 Otts Night Trail Run
    Friday, Saturday 9/11-9/12 RCrocs3 (2.2Pro, Class2)
    Friday-Sunday 9/11-9/13 WORLDS in Vegas
    Saturday, Sunday 9/26-9/27 USC Shred the Ledge Eden, VT
    Saturday 9/26 Scale Comp Ringing Rocks

    Friday, Saturday 10/2-10/3 Crawltoberfest Rausch Creek
    Sunday 10/18 Comp Crawler, Palmerton
    by Published on 01-12-2015 03:46 PM

    At Motorama the ST Class will be running a European Style Trial event.

    RECON G6 is offering several "NEW" Scale Adventure Classes for 2015. The ST Class, (ST stands for "small tire") is a class for builders & Drivers of exquisite scale taste, accompanied by a yearning for a scale driving experience.

    RPP Hobby, the Official Online Hobby Shop of the RECON G6 & your #1 source for everything scale, presents this new class. This Class will be offered at every 2015 Axial Racing RECON G6 Scale Adventure Events.

    Here's the details;

    ST Class - A scale adventure class for the discerning builder of streetable, but trail capable rigs. “Sleeper” is a term used to describe a vehicle that looks stock, but is capable of overland adventures. A sleeper truck has the appearance of stock truck, but the performance of a modified trail rig and the new RECON G6 ST Class will highlight these extremely scale, exciting to drive, trail capable builds.

    The requirements to drive in this class are simple. First, tire size may not exceed manufacturer's specification tire height of 4.25 inches or roughly 107mm. Second, The tires must fit in the stock fender wells of the body being used. For example, a rc Pajero stock wheelbase is 9.9 inches or 252mm & a rc D90 stock wheelbase is 11.10in or 282mm. Trimming the fender wells for travel must be kept scale and have fender flares, but the wheelbase cannot be altered. The following scale items are mandatory: 1. side mirrors &/or a driver side mirror & rear view mirror. 2. Windshield wipers. 3. A cooler. 4. A first aid kit. 5. Spare tire.

    The 2015 Axial RECON G6 Scale Adventure ST Class is presented by RPP Hobby, the Official Online Hobby Shop of the RECON G6 & the best source for your ST Class build, kit, or rtr needs. If you eat, sleep, and build scale rc, the RECON G6 ST Class is for you. Come get your scale adventure fix, in a RECON G6.
    by Published on 09-18-2014 01:00 PM

    EPARCCrawlers 2014 Schedule
    8th swap and crawl Green Lane
    22nd Scale Comp #1 St. Peters
    30th Comp crawler #1 Ringing rocks w/GSRCRC

    **11th -13th ECC (Alabama)**
    12th Scale Comp #2 Ringing Rocks
    25-26 Rcrocs 1 Comp crawler #2
    27th (GSRCRC) Hacklebarney

    4th Comp Crawler #3 Palmerton w/GSRCRC
    **16-18th Battlegrounds (Ohio)**
    17th Scale Comp #3 Palmerton
    Date Pending G6 Quirk Family farm

    8th GSRCRC comp. Schoolies
    **14th BOSTON CRAWLERS Mini-Nationals Practice Comp. RI**
    **NENQ Rausch Creek ORP 27th-29th**

    12th Scale Comp #4 Palmerton
    25-26th Rcrocs #2 Comp Crawler #4(Last Comp. of 2014 Schedule)

    3rd Comp Crawler #5 Actives (START OF 2015 Comp. Schedule)
    16th Scale Comp #5 Ringing Rocks(make up of comp#3)
    **22-24th RC4WD ECSC East Coast Scale Challenge**
    29th-30th Rcrocs #3 Comp Crawler #6


    **5th-7th NATIONALS in RI**
    **The comps on the 7th and 13th will be rescheduled for a later date**.

    **7th Comp Crawler #7 Palmerton**
    **13th Scale Comp #6 St. Peters**
    13th FIRST EVER EAST COAST G6 at Rausch Creek ORP
    26-28th Camping fun weekend at Rausch Creek


    10th-12th Crawltoberfest/ G6/Comp Crawler #8
    18th Scale Comp #7 Ringing Rocks

    8th Scale Comp #8 Palmerton (plus make up for the missed #6 comp)
    23rd Comp Crawler #9 St. Peters (plus makeup for the missed #7 comp)
    29th Scale Comp #9 St. Peters
    by Published on 08-21-2014 05:04 PM


    What - RECON G6 “Traction Reaction” presented by Pit Bull Tires & White Lotus Tattoo & Art Gallery

    When - Saturday September 13, 2014

    Where - Rausch Creek Off-Road Park https://www.google.com/maps?t=m&sll=...output=classic

    Directions - From St. Louis, MO - Bing Maps - Driving Directions, Traffic and Road Conditions
    From Sacramento, CA - Bing Maps - Driving Directions, Traffic and Road Conditions
    From New York, NY - Bing Maps - Driving Directions, Traffic and Road Conditions
    From Toronto, Canada - Bing Maps - Driving Directions, Traffic and Road Conditions

    Rivas Concepts Show-n-Shine - Who will take home Best of Show honors? Who will take home RECON Ready Honors? The RC Show-n-Shine is open to all rigs. Bring your collection and take home bragging rights!

    Online Registration - OpenEvent5

    G-Fee - 1.9 & 2.2 Adventurist Classes / Expedition Classes - $25 for one stage or $35 for day & night stage.
    1.9 & 2.2 Drivin Durty Class (15 & under) - $15 for one stage or $25 for day & night stage.

    Gate Fee - $5 per person. Rausch Creek is one of the premiere off-road parks in the country. G Central will be indoors & have power for charging, pits, and award ceremonies.

    Camping - Primitive camping is available on site.

    Food & Lodging - Camping & Lodging | Rausch Creek Off-Road Park

    Driver Check In & Rivas Concepts Show Shine Staging - 9:30am - 10:30am (note: Judging will start at 10:15am.

    Drivers Meeting - 10:30am

    Start Time - Day Stage - Following Drivers Meeting and National Anthem

    Night Stage - Drivers Meeting at 6:45pm

    Note: Drivers will need a headlamp and/or a light attached to their controller.


    - 1.9 Adventurist - All makes and models rolling on 1.9 scale tires. If you have stretched a 1.9 tire over a 2.2 rim, cool. Just no cut and shuts or comp tires, unless a ya don’t mind a time penalty.

    - 2.2 Adventurist - All makes and models rollin’ on big tires! No matter what axles you have them mounted on, if it’s a 2.2 scale tire, this is your class. Showcase those big tires in special 2.2 Adventurist Only sections.

    - 6x6 Expedition Class - If you like big rigs and 6 wheel drive, then this class is for you. With a special class only section, your skills are sure to challenged. This class is for 1.9 tires only.

    - N-Tow Expedition Class - This class is for 1.9 scale drivers that enjoy pulling a trailer on their scale adventure. It’s not just an empty trailer, there will be some cargo and special driving challenges as well.

    - RECON Ready Open Class - Is a class for the Axial Jeep Wrangler G6. Everything is open except for tire size. 1.9 Tires and driving sections that will push driver and machine, the RECON Ready Open Class is a “Do Work, Driver” kinda class.

    - 15 & Under Adventurist - Our young G6’ers to “do work” in.

    - Drivin’ Divas - For all the lady drivers of scale adventure.

    Traction Reaction Intel

    - A tow strap is mandatory.
    - A winch in not mandatory, but highly recommended.
    - 10 scale items is mandatory. (An Axial RTR meets this requirement)
    - 10 coal mining scale items are not mandatory, but highly recommended.
    - A 1”x 1” minimum soap carving of your choice is not mandatory, but is required to enter the Drivers Club. All soap carvings must be turned into G Central prior to the day stage.
    - A spare tire is not mandatory, but highly recommended and may or may not be used for a driver challenge.
    - A scale white lotus flower is not mandatory, but highly recommended.
    - A scale boat, canoe, kayak, innertube, or raft is mandatory for the day stage. Not having a scale boat may result in a time penalty, driving penalty, or pink tutu wearing penalty.
    - Having a scale Pittsburgh Steeler bumper sticker on your G Ride / Scaler is not mandatory, but highly recommended.

    Traction Reaction Stage Intel

    - Each RECON G6 Stage will feature some of Mother Nature’s sickest Pennsylvania terra firma.
    - The day stage will consist of three loops. Two will push the limits of driver and scaler. The third will tattoo a driver and truck if driving smart is not practiced. One loop may or may not have you enjoying Lake Cristy.
    - There may or may not be any “clear dirt” on the night stage.

    Shhhh, can you hear that East Coast? The G Train is coming. Pit Bull Tires & White Lotus Tattoo & Art Gallery have scheduled the first East Coast RECON G6 at the infamous Rausch Creek Off-Road Park.

    Come get your scale adventure fix, in the Traction Reaction RECON G6!
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