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  • Extra Supporting user options and Site updates

    I have added some extra supporting user options.

    First I added a donate button for anyone who is feeling generous to donate to the board. This is not a donate to the club. If you want to donate to the club you should contact Rich. The board is run seperatly from the club. Just want to make sure everyone is aware. I provide the hosting and my time, and your donation and paid subscriptions cover those costs so the club doesn't have to.

    Secondly, I added 5 year and Lifetime Membership options. The 5 year would normall be $100 but you get it discounted for $85. The lifetime is set at $400. I know probably no one would use the lifetime option, but I wanted it available just in case.

    All that being said, the latest update was installed and it seems to have corrected a lot of issues the iphone/ipad group was having. There is also now a mobile version of the site installed so anyone using these devices or similar should see better results.

    The chatbox was updated (sorry for the boing noise that happened for a few hours), so that should work better. Paid supporters can create private chat sessions if you want to BS with someone but need everyone to see it. The new chat box also allows Tabs for multiple chats. This allows you to scroll between chats. Pretty sweet. It's also supposed to notify you of PM's in the chat box area, so you shouldn't have to tell someone they have a new PM.

    You probably already saw that I created a downloads area. This should make it easier to share files.

    And lastly, I updated the new posts and what's new area. This has always had issues for me in missing new posts and things like that. So I changed some things there and it should now more accurately show unread posts since last visit and things like that.

    I hope that these things prove to be useful to everyone, and I will continue to strive to make this the best club board it can be.
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    1. secsm's Avatar
      secsm -
      I was wondering about the support program thanks for this after attending a few events I will probably be supporters thanks I am slowly finding my way around the forum thanks again