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  • ****New Features for supporting members.****

    As many of you know, I donated my time and server space to set this forum up for a club that is very near and dear to me. Many of you supported the purchase of the software, and now your ongoing support pays for the yearly hosting and my time to do updates and stuff. So I have found that with the lastest update there are more features that some of you may like to have available. I am going to turn them on. You will sort of have to figure out how to use them since I am not sure either. Paid Supporter features: 500 message in you pm storage instead of the normal 50 Ability to send pms to up to 50 people at one time you can delete your own threads or close them if you don't want anyone else to comment. You can create events on the calendar if you are having a GTG or something (posts can still be moderated if they are inappropriate) You can set yourself invisible and see if there are other invisibles you can email users you can set your own custom title (IE: Rock God) you can post notes about others and groups you can use animated gifs in signatures, and upload own avatars bigger pix allowed in signatures use of font colors and sizes, bbcode and html in the signature can have a photo album with no limit on pix can customize profile fonts can create group chats and upload custom icons for groups can use Blogs to create builds and things like that. Different from a new thread. you can also have bigger pix and no limits on amount of pix So hopefully this is enough for the $20 a year to seem worth while. See the link in my signature to signup today!
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