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09-19-2010, 01:40 AM
EPARCCrawlers By-laws

Article I - Name
The formal name of this organization shall be "EPARCCrawlers" and it shall also be known and designated by the short title "EPARCC"

Article II - Objectives
The objectives of this club shall be:
To promote the hobby of rock crawling for all classes and size of vehicles
To promote the free exchange of ideas among members and other organizations of like purpose
To contribute to the sport, fellowship, and enjoyment of radio controlled rock crawlers
Meet the necessary goals to send representatives from the club to the national event each season

Article III – Membership
Membership in the club is open to anyone that has an active account at the eparccrawlers.com website.

Article IV – Club Meetings
Club meetings will be held, at a minimum of 2 per year, before the start of the season and after the season is complete
The Board of Directors will meet at the bi-annual meetings
The President and Vice-President can call a club meeting at any time, but a notice must be posted on the web-site for at least 2 weeks
Any active member can participate in meetings

Article V – Governance
The club shall be governed by a board of directors and officers. The year shall be deemed the 1st day of November until the 31st day of October.

Section 1: Board of Directors
The Board of Directors for the club shall consist of; President, Vice-President, Scribe, Treasurer and Club Member Representative.

A single non-officer active member of the club will be elected to sit on the Board of Directors

Each member of the board shall have equal voting privileges. The Chairmen of the Board will be allowed an additional vote in the case there is a tie vote.

Section 2: Officers
The officers of the club shall consist of; President, Vice-President, Scribe, Treasurer and Website Editor.

In the event the President and Vice-President are both unavailable, the chain of command is as follows; Scribe, Treasurer and Web-Site Editor. All officers, with exception of the President and Vice-President can designate any member in their absence.

President Duties
Preside at all meetings
Appoint committees as necessary
Act as executive officer of the organization
Appoint officers, in the event they cannot complete their term

Vice-President Duties
Assume duties of President during absence
Act as chairman of the Board of Directors
Act as chairman of all permanent committees
Responsible for club membership

Scribe Duties
Keep a record of all meetings
Carry out any necessary correspondence
Report out any elections, board or committee decisions
Record changes to the by-laws

Treasurer Duties
Responsible for paying web-site fees or dues owed by the club
Responsible for collecting comp admission fees
Maintain records for any raffles or drawings
Maintain adequate financial records of all transactions
Create annual financial reports

Web-site Editor Duties
Maintain the web-site
Make changes to the web-site

Section 3: Committees
Permanent committees
Comp Locations and Times
Comp Rules
Web-site Layout
Sponsored Events and Trips

Ad-hoc committees
The President can create any ad-hoc committee for any length of time as deemed necessary
Any committee that remains active for 12 months shall be considered for permanent committee, following the bylaw amendment process
Any new President may cancel any existing ad-hoc committees
Each ad-hoc committee shall have a chairman, which is appointed by the President

Section 4: Elections
A candidate can be nominated by any grouping of three or more members
Existing officers will automatically be on the ballet, unless the individual asks to be removed or 50% or more members present vote to remove the candidate, any member can call for a vote for candidate removal
No nomination will be accepted without the nominee being willing to serve as an officer
The candidate must be an active member of EPARCCrawlers club
There will be no term limits of any officer or board position
Election of officers and board members shall be made by simple majority of votes cast, of present members
Where there are more than 2 candidates for an office, the winner will be determined by whoever receives more than 50% of the votes.
If a 50% vote count is not reached the two top candidates will participate in a special run-off election
Pre-printed, secret ballots or a secret poll on the website shall be used for all elections
Proxy votes are not permitted
The election must be placed in the announcements section of the web-site a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the election
The Scribe shall administer the election and record the results
Officers for each year will be elected at the October club meeting

Section 5: Amendments to Bylaws
Proposed amendments to the by-laws can be raised at any club meeting or on the web-site
The proposed by-law change shall be posted a minimum of two weeks on the web-site prior to any vote
Amendments to the by-laws can be voted on at any club meeting or through a secret poll on the website
Amendments to the by-laws are to be effective by a two-thirds vote of members present or on week of votes after the two week viewing period is up
Supplements to the by-laws may be made the same method as amendments.
Supplements to the by-laws cannot change the inherent meaning of the current set of by-laws
Supplements to the by-laws are to be effective by a simple majority of members present

Article VI – Finances
Section 1: Expenditures and Finance
The Treasurer can disburse a maximum of $200 for club related expenses, with an approval email of any two of the following; President, Vice-President or Scribe.

The Treasurer can reimburse any club member that purchases items for the club a maximum of $50 without written pre-approval from the President and Vice-President. However, the transaction must be communicated with the President and Vice-President and receipts must be given.

Section 2: Club Funds
All monies collected for comp fees, drawings, raffles or donations shall be deemed as club funds.

Section 3: Disbandment of Club
In the event of disbandment of the EPARCC club, all club funds shall be, either donated to a local charity, donated to another crawler club or used for a final club function (i.e. going away party). The decision, for how the funds are spent, shall be based on a simple majority vote of present members.

Article VII – Comps
Section 1: Comp Season
A minimum of 8 comps will be held during the season for each class. The comp season will be based around the calendar year.

Comp Crawler

Scale Crawler
Class 1
Class 2
Class 3

Section 2: Comp Rules
The comp rules for both crawler and scale classes will be set at the beginning of the season. The rules will remain in effect through the entire EPARCC season. Any modifications to the national rules, during the season, will not effect the comp rules, unless the rules committee agrees to the change.

Before the season begins the rules committee will review any changes to the national rules and modify the EPARCC specific rules accordingly.

Comp Crawler - USRCCA
Scale Crawler - SORRCA

Section 3: Comp Entrance Fees
Entrance fee will be $5 for each class

Section 4: Comp Prizes
A progressive cash payout (CPO) system will be used for all comps. Based on the number of attendees the CPO will vary.
0-4 drivers: no CPO
5 drivers 1st $10 no other CPO
6-10 drivers: 1st $10, 2nd $5, 3rd no CPO
11-UP drivers: 1st $15, 2nd $10, 3rd $5

Article VIII – Sponsored Events and Trips
The Board of Directors will take into account the treasury and make a determination how much funds will be allotted to any club related travel (i.e. hotel and travel expenses for Nationals)
The amount available for sponsored events and trips shall be considered any excess amount above the clubs yearly re-occurring expenses

Article IX – Club Liability
EPARCCrawlers (EPARCC) is in no way civilly, lawfully or monetarily liable for property damage, personal injury, or death. EPARC holds no insurance as a club. Each member is responsible for their own expenses incurred by others.

EPARCCrawlers By-laws v4