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01-12-2015, 08:33 PM
RCCA / USRCCA Nationals and Worlds Invite system


Once per year, the best of the best travel to amazing spots and battle it out for the title of best driver! Want to make it to the top? Here's how to get your shot for an invite!

Invitations for the World and National Finals are distributed among regions around the world and also given for select Regional Qualifier events. Events and series points must be listed through RCORVA.com for eligibility. Drivers must be at least Bronze members of RCORVA.com to attend Worlds, Nationals, Crawl-Off events, be awarded invites at Regional Qualifiers, and take part in "Super Pro" cash earnings. A driver can collect club series points and attend Regional Qualifiers with a basic non-member profile, and decide to become a member after winning a Regional Qualifier or club series.

If the 1st and/or 2nd place driver cannot accept the Invite, it can be passed down to the next highest ranked driver within the Top 5. If a driver has acquired invites from multiple regions or Regional Qualifiers, his invites from smaller regions and events is handed down to the next driver. Up to 20 additional invites can be issued at approved Regional Qualifier events. Additionally, clubs formed outside the US will receive 2 invites per region.

Non-Invite attendance
If additional event tickets are available 4 weeks prior to Nationals or Worlds, they will be opened to the general public for purchase. However, the title of World or National champion will not be awarded to general public tickets.

Series Schedule
Each club participating shall run the yearly series after Worlds but before June 1st each year. Clubs are required to run a minimum of 4 unique competitions for each class Each event class must have three drivers to qualify for yearly series points. All events, drivers, and results must be recorded through RCORVA.com. The regional Crawl-Off (if applicable) shall be held in June, the deadline for submitting region invites is July 1st. This ensures two months advance planning before Worlds or Nationals. A season may start in the calender year prior to the competition year. For example, if 2000 Worlds finishes on September 13th, the 2001 competitive season can begin September 14th 2000. Any event not recorded on RCORVA will not receive series points or invites.

Regional Final Crawl-Off
Regions that have only one sanctioned club can send drivers based on their season Points Series and do not require a final Crawl-Off. Regions with MULTIPLE sanctioned clubs will have a Crawl-Off. Each club will send will its TOP 5 Drivers to a mutually agreed upon location. Each Club will build an equal number of courses, and the winner(s) of the Crawl-Off receive an invite. Failure to host the Crawl-Off will result forfeited invites.

Regional Qualifiers
Regional Qualifiers are single events that award top finishers the ability to attend Worlds or Nationals. Regional Qualifiers must be approved by me, and should showcase a great location and host. It is best when the Regional Qualifier is held at a consistent time and location every year so that drivers can expect the event and plan ahead.

Regional Qualifiers shall be listed on R/C ORVA no less than two months prior to the event. All drivers and results must be recorded through R/C ORVA. Only R/C ORVA members will receive invites. Invites are typically awarded at one per 20 drivers in each class. If more than 20 total invites in a class are to be awarded from Regional Qualifiers during the year, upon July 1st the invite per driver ratio may be changed.

01-14-2015, 03:20 AM
Sad. With clubs events getting smaller in general and people moving to scale this Seems like a step in the wrong direction.