View Full Version : note about for sale threads

09-25-2012, 12:27 AM
these are the guide lines. the only mandatory thing is a price if its for sale. if its a trade then you dont have to put a price.

Posting items for sale
Please try to include a picture, a price, and a good description of whatever you are trying to sell. If you sell it, please edit you post and put *SOLD* at the front of the post title so we all know it's gone.

No chit chat in the sale section. It's ok to ask questions about an item, but discussions about anything else should be done in other areas. Any chit chat posts will be removed. If it happens too often, there will be a 24 ban.

please note that it says please try to include a picture, it is not mandatory.
i have seen a few times where pics were told to be put into the for sale thread. some dont have the ability to do so.

i had also at one time mentioned to do away with the e-bay thread and make that a trade only thread, it was agreed a good idea but has not been changed. can this be looked into further maybe.