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02-21-2012, 06:00 PM

How should I waterproof a bone stock scx10?

I've seen a number of posts about filling the axles with marine grease but I want to make sure that is still the best option. Also, for the electronics, do I put them in a bladder or just caulk the holes of the stock radio box? What about the speed controller, the product details stated it's water resistant but based on some of the pictures on this site, I think I need to do something more to protect it.

Do I need anything else before I start the new season? My tool box is relatively full but have limited spare parts. What is prone to break (loaded question I know, just trying to make sure I'm somewhat prepared)? How many batteries should I have on hand for a comp/gtg?

Thanks in advance,

02-21-2012, 06:38 PM
Driveshafts gave me the most problems until I switched to MIP shafts. Then I found the next weakest link the outputs of the tranz. Do you have the 3link in the rear? Several poeple have snapped them. I have marine grease in my axles, it works well. I would not pack them but thickly coat them. Packing them causes a great deal of resistance and makes everything work harder. I use the low tech balloon trick for my electronics, put them in and zip tie them off. We have not done a lot of water and mud at our comps in the past, but you never know.

02-21-2012, 06:48 PM
Thanks for the info, I'll get started on waterproofing... is it ok that I have the heat sink of the esc inside the balloon? For the few times that I ran it, the heat sink never really got hot but I just want to be safe.

How many batteries is enough?

02-21-2012, 06:56 PM
Marine grease is great, but too much is really bad. Can more than cut your speed and power in half. There are two holes on top of the axle. Plug them with a set screw, if they are not being used. Purchas all new Traxxas blue hsielded bearings. They, in my opinion, seem to last longer in the water. We can help on size, but typically I have a box full of them from other projects. If your servo is not the type with a gasket, it should be sealed. Remove the fornt and place marine grease around the spline and re-install the cover. You can silicone or super glue the other end. I even squirt super glue into the wire entry point. Just remember you will not be able to get to your electronics portion if you glue. Personally I like the liquid tape method, but I have never tried the balloon. I have used Radio Shack project boxes in the past. They work well but hold in heat. The electronics box will probably be just fine with some sealing. If you use the liquid tape method the electronics need to be de-cased. This can scare some away from this method. Seal the hole in your wheels. Water will ruin your foams and make a stinky nasty mess in your tires! Other than that there is not much to water"proofing" a rig. :)